Centre for Environmental Law & Community Rights Inc.


The Centre for Environmental Law & Community Rights Inc.’s (CELCOR) programs of intervention are driven by a vision to see PNG communities living in harmony with environment and culture in a just, holistic and sustainable way. With a commitment to achieving this vision, CELCOR seeks to play a strategic role in contributing to various programs, which are dedicated to promoting and defending environmental and customary rights in PNG. The approach to achieving the goals, CELCOR sets two main programs; the Legal and Community Legal Education and Awareness Raising (advocacy). Through these legal and advocacy programs, sustainable resource use and management shall be promoted in order to see the present and future generations benefiting from their natural resources.

With such a bold vision, CELCOR is adamant that, it works to ensure the fruition of its goal. With that, it is imperative that proper planning is executed to be able to achieve its goals.

On the 17th to the 23rd of December 2020, CELCOR staff, board and partners gathered at the Koitaki Country Club for a 5-day Strategic Planning Workshop to develop a three-year (2021-2023) plan for the organization.

The process began with reviewing of the current operations of the organization and identifying areas for improvement. The review was aided by the External Evaluation Report that was concluded in November 2020. The Findings and Recommendations have helped staff, Board and stakeholders to discuss and set the way forward for the development of the three years Strategic Plan.

With this three-year strategy in place, CELCOR anticipates to help customary landowners throughout PNG to secure more than 10,0000 hectares of forest and marine resources from unscrupulous development proponents.

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