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Congratulations Josiah!

The Centre for Environmental Law and Community Rights (CELCOR) Inc. extends our heartfelt congratulations to Josiah Jinimbo on his recent admission to the bar. This is an incredible achievement and a testament to hard work, dedication, and perseverance towards becoming a fully-fledged member of the legal profession.

Josiah was engaged with CELCOR as a legal intern in 2019 then later continuing as a paralegal officer from 2021-2023. Your commitment to staying focused and your pursuit for knowledge has now been rewarding, and the organisation is immensely proud of you.

CELCOR was also honoured to be part of the admission process.

We hope that your time spent at CELCOR has given you a snapshot of how we all should aspire to contribute meaningfully to nation building, as you embark on the next chapter in your life. 

Once again, Congratulations, Josiah!  As the saying goes, once a CELCOR officer, Always a CELCOR officer!

“ I will always be grateful and indebted to CELCOR Inc. for the eye-opening experience. When I first joined as a legal intern, I went on duty travels and participated in workshops, conferences and meetings. This helped my interpersonal skills and immensely boosted my confidence to hold conversations at all levels. I think the key takeaway from the 3 years at CELCOR would be that I learnt about my strengths and weaknesses and I’m in a better position now to shape and grow my career.  As a fully-fledged lawyer, I will go out there and continue to make positive impacts where I can carry on the good work. Wherever my career takes me, there will always be part of CELCOR with me. I see myself coming back to CLECOR Inc. some say in the future if the opportunity presents itself because I believe in and love the work CLECOR is doing” 

Josiah Jinimbo

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